What is Acupuncture and how does it work?

So Libby what would you explain is acupuncture to our consumers and patients out there that may not have yet to try it. So acupuncture is an entire system of medicine. So 2000-3,000 years old, originating in China. The key that it’s an entire system of medicine. So even though people might want to use Acupuncture for a specific symptom, it can treat anything is the philosophy. It’s an entire system of medicine. What’s fascinating is that they discovered these lines of energy that flows through your body, two to three thousand years ago without having things like MRI, but MRI now confirms that these channels which are all these lines that you see on these models they match our neurology. So they match our nervous system, our derma tones and all these things that we can show under MRI are there.

So I think that is amazing that two-three thousand years ago without technology they could figure that out. Qi is a word we use to describe energy. My mentor in Denver says that Qi is oxygen and blood. So it’s the things that need to free flow through your body in order to heal, in order to create change and to keep us alive. So Qi is what is oxygen. Qi is energy and what’s most important with acupuncture, in my opinion, is flow. So I describe acupuncture like our highway systems here in the Twin Cities, and this is where everybody laughs because as you know our highway systems here in the big city are not awesome.

We want them to be awesome. We hope for them to be awesome. We want to get from point A to point B in not a lot of time, which usually doesn’t happen. So we have road construction, rerouting, detours, accidents, traffic jams, snow, heat and all of these other things that make driving difficult. So if you imagine that these lines of energy are supposed to be open and free-flowing like our highway systems, and they’re not then as we can get the highway system open and flowing sending ambulances and highway helpers to those areas that need repair. But in my opinion the most important to stop rerouting. So the body is brilliant brilliant brilliant about compensating. So if something is happening it’s going to pull from someplace else to compensate. But that compensatory pattern over time can start to create wear and tear on the body. It can start to create Qi so when oxygen is not being as effectively delivered, and the body is not healing in its most efficient way. So when we look at inflammatory diseases and all these things that are happening in our health today, in my opinion, it’s an accumulation of the body working less efficiently than it possibly can.

So if we can get the body working the most efficiently especially in our neurology, our nervous system, in my opinion, that’s where healing happens. So we have channels that flow from head to toe about four of them, and then we have channels that flow head to arm, foot to the torso and a few other little patterns. But then we have these two small pesky channels that kind of run horizontal and what my mentor teaches which is a little bit different is that when we block those horizontal channels and we start to get this reverberation in energy because there’s no room for it to flow and things get stuck then over time that efficiency of the system begins to break down.

When the efficiency of the system starts to break down we have pain,n we have a disease, we have headaches, we have stomach issues. If this is blocked, your digestion is going to be blocked. You are going to have low back pain. If you’ve got a lot of chest related issues and this is prevented, it makes a lot of sense. So my favorite favorite favorite thing is when I unblock somebody for the first time, and they’re like oh my gosh like I feel it moving. Like I feel it, what is happening? And then we have this amazing conversation about that’s what energy flowing blood and oxygen in your body feels like and then keeping that block open.

Acupuncture is cumulative. Re-training the body is hard and but possible. Very very very possible, So we front-end acupuncture with acupuncture a little bit at the beginning and help to help people’s bodies keep those blocks open and flowing.


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