Are There Alternatives To Knee Replacement – Bone On Bone Arthritis


ArthritisDo you have knee pain or do you know that someone that has that bone-on-bone thing going on, that doesn’t want surgery, who’s tired of narcotics or steroid therapy? Then this is the video for you. One of my favorite things to help people with, bone-on-bone knee pain. Hello everyone this is Dr. Jason West and we’re going to talk about chronic knee pain specifically bone-on-bone arthritis which I get asked about all the time as one of my favorite things to treat because there are some amazing natural non-surgical, non-prescriptive, non-narcotic ways to take care of knee pain. So let’s talk about the knee joint itself for a minute. You got your shin bone here and your thigh bone here, what happens is going like this all of the time and I don’t know if you know that we’re not born with kneecaps.

What happens is we have a tendon attaching from the thigh bone over onto the shin bone and when it rubs over that joint, eventually I think it’s around age 2 we start developing a hardened part of the tendon which is the kneecap. Now as when you talk about the knee joint, and bone on bone arthritis, one of the most common things to do is it’s really hard to go up and down stairs because there’s a membrane around each bone called the periosteum. When the periosteum which is connected to all the nerve tissues touch each other it really hurts. It short-circuits, it’s not fun. So you have people go up a stair at a time or going down an incline really really hurts.

Now for a long time, I thought that the only way to take care of bone on bone knee arthritis was to do a total knee replacement. And I’ve learned that that’s not the case because there are some really neat interventions that help the shock absorber that was previously thought that it was gone to actually make it so that the bones don’t touch and the pain goes away.

We’ve done this hundred of times. There are video testimonials on it. The way that you take care of it is to do a regenerative injection therapy we call this prolonged procedure. Now it’s a complete opposite of cortisone. You don’t want to mix the Z O N E with the zone because there is a hundred and eighty degrees opposite. Cortisone therapy which is usually the medical treatment is a steroid therapy which gets rid of inflammation. You can’t do it repeatedly forever because it does have some effects to the cells into the bone but the regenerative injection therapy, the proliferative therapy using ozone what we call protozoan therapy, it’s the exact opposite of that and here’s the big difference.

The prozone therapy you take a vitamin solution with some oxidative medicine. You put the vitamin solution into the joint area. Whether it’s the knee, it works for the hip, it works for the shoulders, the elbows, the wrists, and what it does is it puts all of those building blocks into the joint space then you put like literally a construction crew to remodel the area with some oxidative medicine. I’ve seen with x-rays of people being bone on bone like this and you do a series of treatments over you know four to six months and you’ll see the space increase. Now are you regrowing on cartilage? I don’t know doesn’t really help the patient it helps tremendously. It makes it so they can go up and down stairs.

Knee joints are my favorite way to treat your use. Protozoan therapy to do it. I’m not seeing any contraindications, I’ve seen really really good outcomes for people literally that are scheduled two three-four weeks before the first appointment cancel the surgical intervention. The neat thing about this is if therapy doesn’t provide you with relief which most of the time that it does but if it doesn’t medical recommendation as a total knee replacement which you were going to do anyway but there’s a really good possibility that you’re not going to need any surgery or at the very least we can buy you some time and help avoid that surgical intervention.

Now some things that you can do at home. For chronic joint pain I really like a product from Nature’s NX called dynamic duo. It’s a mineral formula and there’s something called liquid joint revive it has glucosamine and chondroitin. It has some proteolytic enzymes in it which are little Pacman they eat up inflammation. There’s a lot better natural ways of taking Tylenol. Leave advil. There’s some detrimental effects to those over-the-counter medicines. Also the thing that helps is getting enough water and I’ve said that on nearly all of the videos. Water really really helps with hydration and with helps with joint pain and then getting rid of inflammatory foods. Sugars, refined sugars, junk food, soda pop are really really hard on the joints. So there’s a really neat way to take care of it. Regenerative injection therapy using protozoan therapy. This is Dr. Jason West we’ll see you on the next video. Thanks for watching the video on knee pain it’s one of my very favorite things to treat. There’s actually a report called the arthritis secure in the comment section.

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